We are working on documenting the legacy and milestones of the Alaska Psychological Association. Each of you has played a role in shaping the narrative of this organization. We are inviting you to participant in the documentation of our journey. We want your experiences, your insight, your stories. Your unique perspectives will be invaluable in capturing the essence of our shared past and guide our future endeavors. It is our hope this effort will not only commemorate our achievements but illustrate the dedication and unity that defines our organization.

Please consider contributing your memories, photographs, documents, or any relevant information that would contribute to this historical documentation. If there is someone you think we should reach out to for more information, please submit their name and contact information as we will be conducting interviews with past members.

Here is the contact link: https://www.ak-pa.org/history/

Together, let’s preserve the legacy of Alaska Psychological Association as we celebrate and 60 years of service this year, and start our next decade!