Alaska Psychological Association Continuing Education Co-Sponsor Application

Alaska Psychological Association (AK-PA) is approved by the American Psychological Association to co-sponsor external CE events for psychologists by approving workshops, lectures, and conferences. All programs considered for co-sponsorship must meet APA’s Standards and Criteria.

View AK-PA’s CE Application Toolkit for helpful resources and examples here


Please submit your application 40 days or more before your scheduled training to allow enough time for the review and approval. We cannot provide an CE application approval after the training has been completed.

Fees (per workshop application)

Fees are non-refundable if an application is not approved.

For Profit Non Profit/ Institutions/Govt
Single Workshop $300 $175
1-5 workshops $350 per application $200 per application
6-10 workshops $330 per application $180 per application
CE Certificates $15 each. AK-PA members Free $15 each. AK-PA members Free

Note: AK-PA issues CE Certificates for all approved CE applications

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Application Classification

Registration Process

1. Please provide a brief description of your registration process for this event (e.g., registering online, Eventbrite, pre-registering via telephone, mailing in paper registration forms).


Individuals seeking CE credits from AK-PA must

  • Attend the full duration of the event (with the exception of approximately 15 minutes),
  • Sign in and out of the event (before and after lunch, if applicable), and
  • Complete an evaluation survey after the event.

AK-PA will provide you with sign-in sheets that also include space for the individual to record their email address. These email addresses must be legible and recorded accurately, as they are used to deliver the evaluation survey and CE certificates. The sign-in sheets must be scanned and emailed to AK-PA's CE Coordinator within 48 hours of the end of the event.

Attendance *

CE Certificates

After the event is complete, there is a fee of $15 per CE certificate to be issued (unless otherwise indicated by AK-PA's CE Coordinator) that you will be required to pay. For example, if you have 100 attendees and 50 of those attendees are requesting CE certificates, the total amount due to AK-PA will be $750.00. AK-PA will use the sign-in sheets to determine the number of certificates that will be issued; the fees must be provided to AK-PA within two weeks after the event.

Certificate Fee *

Contact information for organization / individual requesting CE co-sponsorship:

Psychologist Involvement

APA requires that psychologists have direct input in all phases of the decision making and planning process for events offered to psychologists for CE credit. Please include the name, email address, and phone number of the psychologist(s) that were involved in developing this event, as well as a brief description of their involvement.

Name of CE Event

Date of Event

Event Venue / Location

Venue Accessibility

APA requires accessibility for individuals with disabilities. If your venue does not meet this criteria, your application will not be processed.

Accessibility *

Diversity Addressed in Workshop

Number of CE Credits Requested

One credit per hour of instructional time.

Type of Activity

Level of Learning

What level of learning is the CE content appropriate for? *

Target Audience

Select all that apply. This information must be included on promotional materials for the event!

Select all that apply. This information must be included on promotional materials for the event!

Event Information

Learning Objectives

Include a minimum of three learning objectives for the CE event. Learning objectives should clearly define what the participant will know or be able to do as a result of having attended the event and be stated in measurable terms. Please refer to APA's Guidelines for Writing Behavioral Learning Objectives for guidance:

Assessing Participant Learning

16. How will you directly assess participant learning? Some possible options of assessing learning are:

  1. Informal discussions between instructor(s) and participants,
  2. questions and answer sessions at the end of a program or
  3. post-tests, etc. Note: Although post-tests are not required, if you choose to use them, they must include a minimum of 6-8 questions for each CE credit.

Outline of Curriculum Content

This outline should show: Syllabus/Time Outline:

  1. Timeline of workshop topics and activities that explains the educational content for each time block and identifies exactly what will be covered in the presentation and how much time will be spent on each item, including breaks.
  2. A description of instructional methods (e.g., lecture, demonstration, video/DVD, role play, small group discussion) specific to each time block or content area.
  3. If more than 1 presenter is involved, please indicate a primary presenter for each portion of the outline.

Evidence-Based Content

APA requires CE events be grounded in an evidence-based approach. Events that focus on application of psychological assessment or intervention methods must include content that is credibly supported by the most current scientific evidence.

Please indicate the broad category in which your event best fits. *

Benefits to Intended Client Population

Please describe how participation in this educational offering will directly benefit the intended client population. For example, a workshop on anxiety disorders in children may help psychologists better understand how to more effectively diagnose and treat anxiety disorders in pediatric populations.

Accessibility of Event Information

Describe plan for evaluating and ensuring the accessibility of this course, including registration, learning assessment, materials, and facilities. This should include the manner in which promotional materials are supplied to psychologists with disabilities, and your organization’s process for making the facility and instructional methods accessible to psychologists with disabilities. If needed, contact AK-PA for technical assistance.


Fine Print

Accuracy and Utility of the Materials Presented

APA requires that presenters discuss the accuracy and utility of the materials presented, including the possible limitations of the approach and the most common potential risks, as well as the most severe (if any). *

Conflicts of Interest and Commercial Support

Co-sponsors must have a process to identify any potential conflict(s) of interest or commercial support(s) for the event. They must clearly describe any conflict(s) of interest or commercial support for the event, presentation, or presenter to attendees when the CE event begins.

Any potential conflict(s) of interest or commercial support(s) for the event will be identified by the presenter. *


The principle of confidentiality of instructional materials and attendee disclosure, if any, must be maintained. When applicable, co-sponsors should explicitly state at the start of the CE event that confidential material may be discussed, and should review with the attendees the limits of that confidentiality.

It will be stated at the start of the CE event that confidential material may be discussed. *

ADA Venue Accessibility

Per the Americans with Disabilities Act, all CE events must be accessible by individuals with disabilities. A statement about accommodations for disabilities must be included on the promotional materials. *

Presenter Information

Curriculum Vitae

Choose File

Promotional Materials

Please upload the CE event's promotional materials for approval prior to distributing them. Must contain the following OR if your promotional material does not provide one or more of the below information items, then you must provide a method for obtaining this information (e.g., web address, phone number).

Promotional materials must include:

  • Educational objectives that are written in observable and measurable terms;
  • A description of the target audience and the instructional level (introductory, intermediate, or advanced);
  • Activity schedule (e.g., from-to dates, times, frequency if a repeated session or series);
  • Cost of the activity, the refund/cancellation policy, and any additional fees;
  • Faculty credentials (i.e., relevant professional degree, current professional position, areas of expertise);
  • The number of CE credits offered for each activity;
  • A statement about accommodations for disabilities
  • A clear indication of any activities within a program that are not offered for CE credit.
  • Any of the other relevant fine print topics (e.g., acknowledgement of commercial support or conflict(s) of interest)
  • The following 2 statements as two separate paragraphs. They must not be combined into 1 paragraph or combined with other disclaimer statements in your brochure or event promotions and marketing:
    • Alaska State Psychological Association has approved this CE Workshop.
    • Alaska State Psychological Association is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Alaska State Psychological Association maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
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