Research Project Recruitment in Alaska

The Alaska Psychological Association regularly receives requests to survey the association’s members and affiliates. However, listserv guidelines do not allow research recruitment and so requests are instead placed on this list of research projects actively recruiting in Alaska. To be added to this list, please complete the Research Request Form at the bottom of the page. Projects will be removed after 6 months. Note, the Alaska Psychological Association does not endorse any listed research project listed below.

Active Research Projects

[Posted April 2019]
Project Title: Treatment Provideres’ Knowledge and Experiences Related to Eating Disorders
Researcher: Jessica Cowan []

[Posted April 2019]
Project Title: Impact of Licensed Psychologists’ Attitudes on Performance Predictions of Neurocognitive Measures Based on Clinical Case History *Raffle Opportunity*
Researcher: Katelyn Yunes []

[Posted April 2019]
Project Title: Evaluating Adherence to the International Test Commission Guidelines for Translating and Adapting Tests
Researcher: Deborah Duke []

[Posted April 2019]
Project Title: Supervisory Working Alliance as a Predictor for Counselor Burnout: The Potential Mediating Role of Supervisee Nondisclosure
Researcher: Amanda Bohnenstiehl []

[Posted July 2019]
Project Title: Training and Practice of School Psychologists
Researcher: Ashley Hicks []


[Posted July 2019]
Project Title: Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Children’s Mental Health in Rural Settings: Clinician and Agency Factors
Researcher: Bethany Leraas []

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