One goal of AK-PA’s Diversity, Social Justice, and Human Rights Committee is to facilitate opportunities to share and celebrate the diversity of AK-PA’s membership. The following members accepted the invitation to submit a brief article emphasizing awareness of diversity. Click on the photos / names to learn more about our members!

[sg_popup id=”19″ event=”click”]Ebony McClain-Owens[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”19″ event=”click”]Ebony McClain, PhD
(formerly Ebony McClain-Owens, PhD)
Anchorage, Alaska

[sg_popup id=”20″ event=”click”]Erin Johnson[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”20″ event=”click”]Erin Johnson, PhD
Nome, Alaska

[sg_popup id=”21″ event=”click”]Pamela Hays[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”21″ event=”click”]Pamela Hays, PhD
Soldotna, Alaska[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”22″ event=”click”]Xiomara Owens[/sg_popup]

[sg_popup id=”22″ event=”click”]Xiomara Owens, MS
Anchorage, Alaska[/sg_popup]