Members of AK-PA’s Ethics Committee support the highest ethical standards of client care as a value and foundation of professional practice. Respect for the professional’s ethical identity and personhood is of foremost importance. Through consultation and information on ethical dilemmas and decision making, the committee offers opportunities for collaboration, professional community connection, and growth.

The Ethics Committee provides AK-PA members with free and confidential ethics consultations to assist members with considering ethical concerns in professional practice.  If you are eligible for AK-PA membership and are not a current member, you may obtain information concerning applying for membership online:

To consult on an ethical question, current AK-PA members
can contact Dr. Hannah Ekstrom, the committee chair 


A variety of resources are available that relate to ethical practice.

APA Ethical Principals of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (2017)

APA Ethics Office

APA Ethics Resources

Ken Pope & Melba Vasquez — Steps to Avoid Ethical Stumbles, Blindsides, & Catastrophes

Literature on specific ethics topics from the California Psychological Association