Members of AK-PA’s Ethics Committee support the highest ethical standards of client care as a value and foundation of professional practice. Respect for the professional’s ethical identity and personhood is of foremost importance. Through consultation and information on ethical dilemmas and decision making, the committee offers opportunities for collaboration, professional community connection, and growth.

To consult on an ethical question, current AK-PA members
can contact Dr. Hannah Ekstrom, the committee chair.


A variety of resources are available that relate to ethical practice.
Here are some, hand-selected by the chair of AK-PA’s Ethics Committee.

Ken Pope & Melba Vasquez — Steps to Avoid Ethical Stumbles, Blindsides, & Catastrophes
“It’s easy to miss an ethical dilemma’s vital details or possible solutions. Competing values, conflicting regulations, scarce resources, misinformation, deadlines, fear of making a catastrophic mistake, and a stampede of other pressures and complications can make it hard to think clearly, carefully, and creatively.

Melba Vasquez and I have pulled together 17 steps for understanding, thinking through, and responding effectively to ethical dilemmas, especially when faced with complex ethical gray zones. The steps help identify key aspects of a situation, consider benefits and drawbacks of our options, and discover better approaches.”

APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct
Last amended: January 01, 2017