Each year during AK-PA’s Annual Meeting, a variety of awards are presented to individuals or organizations in recognition of their contributions to AK-PA and the Alaskan mental health community.

2021 Awardees

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2021 Awards was held virtually for the first time.

Gold Pan Award  – Jana Zeedyk, PhD
Friend of Psychology Award  – Anne Zink, MD
Diversity Award  – Kenneth McCoy, Chief of Anchorage Police Dept
Lifetime Achievement Award  – Robert Lane, PhD

(No awards given in 2019 due to board restructuring or 2020 due to COVID-19)

2018 Awardees
Cultural Humanitarian — Xiomara Owens & Rose Domnick
Baker-Lane — Ruddy Taylor
Lifetime Achievement — Linda Webber
Past BOD — Chris Reynolds & Annie Derthick
Student Research Grantee — Brock Tucker


2017 Awardees
Cultural Humanitarian — Mayor Ethan Berkowitz
Friend of Psychology — Senator Lisa Murkowski
Distinguished Rural Provider — Sarah Angstman
Baker-Lane — Jennifer Burkhart
Lifetime Achievement — John DeRuyter
Gold Pan — Michael Sobocinski
Past BOD — Sarah Dewane, Lynne Kelsey, & Michael Aanavi
Student Research Grantees — Michael Reed & Kierra Brecht

2016 Awardees
Cultural Humanitarian — Evon Peter & Jeff Jessee
Public Service — Governor Bill Walker
Baker-Lane — Jaedon Avey
Lifetime Achievement — Martin Atrops
Past BOD — Jaedon Avey, Jim Fitterling, & Heather Robinson
AK-PA Student Research Grantees — Danielle Giroux & Steffi Kim

2015 Awardees
Cultural Humanitarian — Ray Droby
Public Service — Bill Walker
Baker-Lane — Susan LaGrande & Bruce Smith
Lifetime Achivement — Paul Craig
Gold Pan — Jennifer Beathe
Past BOD — Joe Bablonka, Deborah Gideon, & Valerie Demming

2014 Awardees
Cultural Humanitarian — EJR David
Phil Baker — Patt Sandberg

2013 Awardees
Cultural Humanitarian — Rita Blumenstein
Phil Baker — Peter Strisik & Chris Sam
Friend of Psychology — Max Gruenberg
Legislator — Mark Begich
Distinguished Service — Mike Blakey & Pamela Hays
Distinguished Psychologist — James  Harper
Gold Pan — Karen Ferguson

2012 Awardees
Cultural Humanitarian — Southcentral Foundation
Friend of Psychology — Mark Begich
Phil Baker — David Sandberg
Distinguished Service — Robert Lane
Student Leadership — Annie Derthick & Heather Robinson

2011 Awardees
Memorial — Oscar Kawagley
Cultural Humanitarian — Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association
Legislator — Rob Herron
Phil Baker — Patt Sandberg
Distinguished Psychologist — Martin Atrops
Gold Pan — Denise Dillard

2009 Awardees
Cultural Humanitarian — Joan Fisher & Tom Hunt
Distinguished Service — David Wilcox

2008 Awardees
Cultural Humanitarian — Susan Soule
Friend of Psychology — Senator Lisa Murkowski
Distinguished Service — Peter Strisik, Jennifer Beathe, & Martin Atrops
Exceptional Service — Ellen Cole
Phil Baker — Robert Lane

2007 Awardees
Cultural Humanitarian — Edward Deaux
Psychologically Healthy Workplace — Alaska Pacific University & Anchorage Women’s Clinic
Lifetime Achievement — Paul Craig
Past President — Ellen Cole

2006 Awardees
Lifetime Achievement — Christianne Brems & Catherine Koverola
Friend of Psychology — Kevin Meyer
Psychologically Healthy Workplace — Hope Community Resources
Distinguished Service — David Wilcox, Katie Fallin, & Suzanne Womack Strisik