AK-PA’s 12-Month review from August 2022 to August 2023. August is when new elected officers take over after a 2-month summer break (June/July) by the board

August 2022

  • Board met in person for the first time since COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Board Retreat Actions
    • Marjorie Kyle agreed to become APA Federal Advocacy Rep
    • $2500 was approved to start the AK-PA History project. 2023 being 60th Anniversary
  • Planning
    • The Board will mentor AK-PA members to begin serving on the board.
    • Reach out to APA members, create an AK-PA APA listserv
    • Clean up the MH Listserv and migrate it to Groups.IO vs GoogleGroups
    • Begin planning to reintroduce Model Licensing Act Legislation in 2023

 September 2022

  • Motion approved at Retreat to skip September meeting because it was too soon after the August Board Retreat

 October 2022

  • Guest member ask to present issues of AB 2756 Psychology Supervision.
    • Suggesting a hybrid supervision model vs in-person only
  • Annual Meeting and Awards planning

 November 2022

  • In person Annual Meeting and Awards planning
  • MLA planning for 2023 – drafting a letter to present to licensing board asking to clarify positions

 December 2022

  • Ethics Committee presented Vision for the board to review
  • Legislative MLA Planning. November elections showed a big turnover in elected officials. AK-PA needs to do a PR campaign to reintroduce themselves in preparation to reintroduce MLA legislation
  • Discussion on EPPP2 that ASPPB will introduce
  • Reviewed 2023 Operation Budget
  • Annual meeting and Awards will be moved to Jan or Feb 2023

  January 2023

  • Annual Meeting and Awards Planning – Feb 23 date set at APU
  • 2023 Budget operating approved

 February 2023

  • Continued update on MLA legislation planning
  • Joel Wieman, PhD elected to APA Council of Representatives
  • 2022 AK-PA Annual meeting and Awards held Feb 23 in person at APU.
    • Diversity Award – Celest Hodge Growden, Alaska Black Caucus
    • Distinguished Rural Provider – Delta Bedard, LPC
    • Lifetime Achievement Award – Patricia Sandberg, PhD
    • Legislative Service Award – Ivy Spohnholz, former State Representative

  March 2023

  • Board President, Ruddy Taylor, and E.D. Marvo Reguindin attended APA State Leadership Conference in Washington D.C.
  • APA Legislative Lobby Day. Seth Green, Marjorie Kyle, Marvo Reguindin. Met with Sen Murkowski’s legislative aids to advocate for:
    • Support $30 million for the Graduate Psychology Education (GPE) Program and $36.7 million for the Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) in FY24 Appropriations.
    • Co-sponsor the Increasing Mental Health Options Act (669).
    • Support legislation allowing reimbursement for advanced psychology trainees for supervised services provided in Medicare, which we expect to be introduced by Senators Bennet (D-CO) and Barrasso (R-WY) soon.

 April 2023

  • Joel Wieman’s first APA Council Rep report
  • Discussion on PSYPACT and to invite Janet Orwig, Executive Director of PSYPACT to make a presentation to the AK-PA.
  • MLA/Legislation. Input was received that APA and ASPPB were in the process of updating requirements which could impact the timing of our MLA efforts. A decision was made to pause our efforts until we can learn more.
  • Discussion on board elections in May. Board Secretary Michelle Fellows is stepping off the board to concentrate on students at UAA next year, so a new secretary needs to be voted in.
  • Emails asking for nominations to the board were sent out
  • CE Workshop: Implicit Bias
  • Ethics Committee Peer Consultation

May 2023

  • Preparation for August Board retreat. Seth Green will start his 2 year term as Board President
  • A request was made to create a listserv of AK-PA members that are also APA members
  • Marjorie Kyle presented a Legislative Agenda. After discussion it was approved by the board.
  • CE workshops from Washington State: ECP and Beyond, Intro and Application of CBT-I
  • AK-PA workshop by The Trust Ethics Workshop. Arizona Psych Assoc also attended
  • Ethics Committee Peer Consultation

June 2023

  • Summer break for Board
  • Board Elections completed. Kevin Tarlow elected as Secretary
  • Received 3 self-nominations to sit on the board. The nominations will need to be voted on by the board at the August Retreat
  • Board elections and announcements will be made after Board retreat.
  • Ethics Committee Peer Consultation
  • Retreat Prep

July 2023

  • Ethics Committee Peer Consultation
  • Retreat Prep

August 2023

  • Ethics Committee Peer Consultation
  • Retreat Prep
  • CE Workshop through New Hampshire: Social Media: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Retreat Aug 26, 2023