AK-PA 2021 to 2022 Twelve Month Review




·      Board Retreat

·      Worked on FASD in panel with DHSS for October Fall Convention with Washington State

·      CESA Annual Report Submitted




·      Annual Meeting and Awards Planning

·      Submit application for Legislative Grant for E.D. and Lobbying hours on MLA

·      UAA addresses AK-PA board on their efforts to expand LPA Supervision




·      Participated in 2021 NW Psychological Fall Convention with Washington State – presented FASD 101 panel

·      Board discusses reimbursement for Psychologists and students under psychologist licensure

·      UAA presents their efforts to expand LPA supervision

·      Lobbyist secures House Labor and Commerce to sponsor Model Licensing Act (MLA)




·      Virtual Annual Meeting and Awards

·      Board voted to support UAA’s efforts to expand LPA Supervision. An official endorsement will be made once draft legislation is provided

·      Board voted to support The Mental Health Services for Student’s Act S.1841

·      $5000 APA Legislative Grant awarded

·      Support of The Mental Health Services for Students Act, S.1841




·      Submitted application for APA Small States Operational Grant

·      MLA core committee meets with Licensing Board on the details HB276 legislation

·      Lobbyist John Walsh forward first draft of MLA to House Labor & Commerce and notes the committee is working on edits with Licensing Board





·      House Labor and Commerce has hearing on MLA legislation, and it becomes HB276

·      Meeting with Licensing Board to go over their concerns

·      Telehealth & Suicide in Alaska: Ethics and Practice event hosted




·      MLA core committee works on Licensing Board concerns on HB276 legislative language

·      APA Council Rep candidates needed. Ruddy terms off in December

·      Leonard Hall approved to serve as UAA APAGS rep to the board




·      $14,500 APA Small State Operational Grant awarded

·      MLA Committee submits HB276 Committee Substitute bill to House Labor & Commerce to have a new public hearing

·      Ruddy Taylor and Marvo Reguindin participated in APA Practice Leadership Summit

·      Seth Green and Marvo Reguindin participated in APA Virtual Hill Visits

·      Service Delivery to Minors and Families: Law and Ethics hosted by WSPA. The presenters worked with AK-PA Ethics committee to be able to provide some input on AK issues.




·      Second FASD workshop, Neurobehavioral profiles observed in individuals with FASD across the lifespan, with Dr Hemingway who established the FASD 4 digit analysis code

·      Secure your own oxygen mask first: mindful approaches to preventing therapist burnout workshop hosted by WSPA

·      HB276 movies out of committee and to House vote




·      HB276 committee substitute has a hearing and moves past the House but dies in Senate Labor & Commerce Committee because there was not enough time to have a hearing on it

·      Board approves to create letter of support HB 265 Telehealth

·      Ethics Committee Peer Consultation




2022 Continued

June·      Summer break for Board·      Ethics Committee Peer Consultation




·      Ethics Committee Peer Consultation

·      External CE Application reviewed by Marjorie Kyle and Jennifer Burkhart

·      Marvo Reguindin and Marjorie Kyle met with APA to discuss draft of new legislative grant for 2022/2023

·      5th Friday at APU – Brainspotting




·      In-person Board Retreat, Executive Director also flies up to attend

·      DSM-5-TR workshop hosted by Hawaii with over 3200 registrations from 30+ state psychological associations

·      CESA annual report submitted