Welcome to the new and improved AK-PA website. Our former website, graciously managed by Dr. Peter Strisik,  had many useful features, but had been become antiquated over the years. Our improved website is powered by the adaptable wordpress platform and was inspired by the state psychological associations of Pennsylvania, Nevada,  and Wyoming . We hope that wordpress will enable this site to adapt and grow in the years to come. So please enjoy the new website and be patient in the beginning.
– Jaedon Avey (webmaster@ak-pa.org)

New Capabilities and Additions:

  • Electronic membership registration: No more faxing forms! Electronic registration and payment is more convenient for everyone.  Click here to join or renew.
  • Electronic event registration: Members and non-members can register for continuing education and training through our electronic  event calendar.
  • Automated payment with email confirmation: Thought you renewed your membership? Now you can renew automatically by credit card based on your profile preferences.
  • Enhanced member referral directory: Completely revamped member referral directory. Graphics, customization. service mapping, and a portal to allow updating.
  • Content Archives: Archives of newsletters and select digitized past training events are available (sorry to CEs on archived training events).
  • Research recruitment list: Students can now have a platform for listing provider surveys.
  • List of Award Recipients: See the contributions of colleagues going back several years.
  • Streamlined presentation and navigation: A visually appealing look with improved search functioning.
  • Relevant professional advertising: Vendors, suppliers, and consultants will have a better opportunity to advertise.

Features Removed 

  • Separate speaker referral directory is gone: Full members will need to add this information into their directory.