This 12 month review from August 2020 to August 2021 highlights the work AK-PA’s board was able to accomplish with our new Executive Director and was presented at the August 28th, 2021 board meeting which welcomed new board members and elected officers. We are very proud of what was accomplished!

August 2020

  • Board Retreat
  • New board elected and new E.D. hired
  • First “Meet the Moment” Town Hall with CPD Deputy Chief McCoy

  • APA CEO, Dr. Arthur Evans 2-day virtual visit to Alaska
  • Pam Hays CBT CE Workshop

  • “Meet the Moment” Town Hall: Anti-isms and Advocacy

  • AK-PA invited to give an update at the licensing board meeting

  • Board work
January 2021

  • Board work

  • Diabetes and Mental Health CE Workshop
  • Meeting with State Representative Costello’s office to introduce Model Licensing Act (MLA) and request sponsorship

  • PLC and virtual Hill Meeting visits with Senator Sullivan, Sen Murkowski and Representative Young
  • AK-PA speaks to UAA Grad Students
  • AK-PA meets with UAA Psychology Dept. Staff

  • Ethics Committee announcement
  • APA $13,500 Small State Grant
  • Legislative Committee begins meeting

  • Making the Moment: Radio show: Addressing COVID Fears in BIPOC Communities
  • Making the Moment: Radio show: Racism as a Pandemic and the Impact of Racism on BIPOC Communities
  • The Trust, Ethics Workshop
  • Lobbyist John Walsh secures MLA sponsorship with Representative Fields and Spohnholtz

  • Board Elections complete
  • DOH Department of FASD provides $10K Sponsorship to help promote FASD
  • Meet with APA Legal and Regs for consultation on applying for a legislative grant to fund work to introduce the MLA Legislation

  • Happy long days of summer!
  • Marvo (E.D) working with DOH/FASD on programming
  • WSAP invites AK-PA to collaborate on Northwest Psychological Assoc. Conference

  • AK-PA invited to give an update at the licensing board meeting
  • CE Committee approves External CE Application
  • Board Retreat