APA has awarded AK-PA $13,500 in operational grant funding to support executive director and lobbying expenses which represents 33% of the association’s 2021 operational budget expenses. Executive Director Marvo Reguindin says that without APA’s continued funding, state psychological associations with small memberships like Alaska would not be able to provide professional membership support, high quality continuing education, or advocate for mental health legislation on behalf of all psychologists in the state.

AK-PA will be in a re-building mode the next few years to regain membership and continuing education income that has dropped in the past three years. With the rebuilding will come new member benefits and reinstating benefits that had been put on hold due to not having an executive director for 18 months. The grant has represented up to 41% of AK-PA expenses and it is Marvo’s goal is to get the APA’s operational grant funding to represent 25% of budget expenses in the next few years.