We open our first newsletter of 2021 by welcoming all of our renewing and new members. Thank you for your commitment to AK-PA with your membership. You will see an ongoing theme about membership in the newsletter as we rebuild and reengage AKPA member participation in the association.

Featured Member Spotlight

The website home page will feature a member each month. Our first featured member is Ann Stockman, MSW, Ph.D. The board will choose and contact members to spotlight. We will also accept submissions from members to be spotlighted. To do that, simple submit a photo and information about you and why you love what you do in 200 words or less.

Welcome New Members

We are thrilled to welcome 18 new members this first quarter. Please also see the related article on membership.


  • Gwendolyn Barnhart
  • Joshua Burton
  • Aura Chasteen
  • Jennifer Erickson
  • Elizabeth Everett
  • Cody Gustaveson
  • Robyn Hunter
  • Allyson Lindsey
  • Brooke A Maupin
  • Andrew May
  • Cleo Patrick
  • Kyle Webster
  • Alisha Wenger

First Year

  • Rebecca Reed, Ph.D.
  • Marieke Heatwole

Third Year

  • Thinn Aung
  • Malan Paquette