We are pleased to bring back Dan Taube, Ph.D., JD to present the newest ethics workshop from The Trust titled Sequence XI: Risk Management and Vulnerabilities: Yours, Mine, and Ours. For this newest workshop, The Trust Risk Management Consultants have continued to review data from nearly 90,000 consultations provided to date, along with relevant research, to determine the problems practitioners often confront and the potential strategies for addressing them. The topics in this new workshop will include:

  • An updated review of decision science and its implications for bias and vulnerability in clinical, ethical and risk management decision making,
  • Strategies for reducing the impact of these vulnerabilities
  • Issues arising in remote services (during and beyond the pandemic),
  • Addressing boundaries in advocacy by professionals on behalf of their clients/patients,
  • And the risk management implications of self-care (or its absence) for psychologists.

Those with a Trust liability policy are eligible for a 15% premium discount for the next 2 consecutive policy periods.

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