In 2022, the House Labor and Commerce committee agreed to sponsor Alaska Psychological Association’s Model Licensing Act as a committee bill. After some revisions to streamline the bill, HB276 moved forward with two provisions: 1) introduce an Inactive License to allow Psychologists and Psychological Associates to return to an active license without needing to reapply for licensure, and 2) a provision for the Licensing Board to adopt a Code of Ethics and maintain an active membership in a national association of psychology boards. Unfortunately, HB276 became stuck in the Senate and did not get a hearing or vote in time to move the bill to be signed by the Governor.

AK-PA proposes to reintroduce the Model Licensing Act from 2022 with two additional provisions to follow the APA Model Licensing Act already adopted in 17 states.

Adoption of Alaska’s MLA would facilitate providers obtaining licensure more quickly, which would increase the availability of qualified mental health care providers in Alaska, especially rural Alaska.

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1. Include resequencing supervised hours for licensure that was removed in 2022 before the Bill moved forward. This would eliminate the requirement of post-doctoral hours for licensure and count pre-doctoral practicum and internship hours (that meet a specific threshold of training and supervision) toward licensing requirements. It should be noted that this change would not prohibit an applicant from obtaining supervised post-doctoral hours. *
2. Add a section allowing some amount of telehealth supervision to count towards supervised hours for licensure determined by the Licensing Board. *

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