Featured Student

Kylie Gore-Hall

Kylie Gore-Hall is a student with Alaska Pacific University’s Counseling Psychology doctoral program in her final internship year. Prior to moving to Alaska over 10 years ago, she was raised in the Midwest United States. She holds undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement and Public Safety Management, as well as a Master’s in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Clinical Counseling from Capella University. She has previously worked in law enforcement, social services, and politics before transitioning to psychological practice. Kylie is licensed as a psychological associate and professional counselor within the State of Alaska. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate students. During the last five years, she has worked in private practice in the Fairbanks community where she focuses on trauma interventions and psychological assessment with attention to the cultural and sociopolitical dynamics impacting Alaskan communities. Kylie has served as an expert witness, evaluator, and consultant to community organizations including the Alaska court system, public and private schools, and tribal organizations. Outside of academia and clinical practice, she enjoys traveling abroad, designing her new home, and enjoying the Alaskan outdoors with her husband and daughter. Kylie’s experience in public service, practice management, teaching, policy and regulation, and current research inform her understanding of the factors that promote learning.

Presently, Kylie is conducting research into the multidimensional impacts of continuing education efficacy for licensed psychologists including the major components affecting utility, accessibility, retention, and translation of continuing education into professional practice. Many of the continuing education activities common in the field of psychology are not congruent with what is known to be efficacious for learning. A central goal of this research is to further the conversation on continuing education policies, trends, and guidelines. Kylie has plans to apply her education to future practice within Alaska by supporting access to psychological assessment, psychotherapy, teaching, and training for other mental health clinicians.