How to Procced

The Licensing Board has voted to recommend pausing Section 2 of HB276 that introduces the resquensing of supervised hours.

By removing Section 2 the primary provision of HB276 will be Sections 7 and 9 that would created an Inactive License option for Psychologists and Psychological Associates.

In addition, the following minor amendments are also still in HB276:

Section 1. Duties of the board amended:

(4) adopt regulations establishing standards and a code of ethics for the practice of psychology
(9) maintain an active membership with a national association of psychology boards

Section 3 is amended to add

(4) letters of recommendation as established by the board from professional sources in the field of behavioral health familiar with the applicant’s clinical work within the previous 5 year.

Section 5 is amended to add to the fees set under AS 08.01.065

(8) initiate inactive license
(9) inactive license renewal

Section 6 currently reads:

(c) The board may, without unreasonable delay,  investigate an academic program…

Will be amended to read:

(c) The board may investigate an academic program…(removing unreasonable delay)