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Ann Stockman, MSW, Ph.D

I have fallen in love with Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for its humanistic roots, the systems approach and perhaps most importantly because it is attachment theory based. None of us are an island, but many of us have learned to self regulate as a way to cope with life even though this is the most brain exhausting strategy possible. Our thousands of years of evolution leave us wired to be in relationships and to effectively co-regulate with our safe others.

EFT meets the APA gold standards for its many process outcome research studies. Originally conceptualized by Sue Johnson as a method of couples’ treatment, EFT is now being expanded for work with individuals and families.

I work with couples, families, individuals and students. Presently I am a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist and an EFT Supervisor in Training. Giving back what has been generously given includes volunteering to teach and train EFT therapists, primarily in a group setting.