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Welcome to the Disaster Response Network!


The Disaster Response Network (DRN), created by the American Psychological Association (APA), encourages licensed Psychologists and mental health providers to join in partnership with the American Red Cross and other state and local agencies to provide pro bono mental health services to victims and responders of a disaster.  The Alaska Psychological Association (AK-PA) has been developing a dynamic DRN committee to respond in times of disaster.


If you are interested in learning more about DRN, disaster response, and ways you can help, please contact:  Katie Fallin, LPA, DRN Coordinator, (907) 278-5049 or for more information. 


Dates of Interest and future training opportunities:

American Red Cross (ARC) Orientation trainings can be scheduled through the Red Cross. Please call

646-5400 to schedule.  All required paperwork will be completed at that time.


We will be running another 'Foundations of Disaster Mental Health' and 'Psychological First Aid' course late winter.  Check back periodically for dates and further information.


Special Notes:

All volunteers wanting to be deployed to a national disaster site will need to have a background check completed prior to deployment.  If you anticipate asking for deployment, this needs to be done now to prevent delays in processing your request. 


SAMHSA has posted a number of online videos of topics pertinent to disaster mental health.  Click on the link below to start each video.  Topics are listed here for your information.


Key Concepts in Diaster Mental Health

Managing Your Stress in Crisis Response Work

Psychological First Aid Approaches

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Disasters

Child Trauma & Schools: Disaster Response

Substance Use Disorders, Trauma, & Post-Traumatic Stress




DRN Membership Form

The APA's Disaster Response Network, Fact Sheet

Disaster Response Network Member Guidelines

Effects of Traumatic Stress in a Disaster Situation

National Center for PTSD

University of Illinois Disaster Resources


FEMA Independent Study/ Emergency Management Institute

SAMHSA’s Disaster Technical Assistance Center 

NCPTSD Psychological First Aid Manual 


Please check back frequently for updated information and dates.  Different topics pertinent to disaster response will also be presented.


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